Synopsis of Semi-Apes

Heera, a clinical psychologist, pursues meaning, coherence and integrity. In unearthing memories of her childhood and adolescence, she takes us to the bleakest corners of her family life. She lets us peer into the incongruences of an insular society, and witness how they can force a creator into servitude. Follies, superstitions, traditions and unquestioned beliefs clog her world, and the only means of escape is to destroy and recreate.


Review by Editor of Muse India: "The gritty and brainy saga of a cocooned Indo-Mauritian girl". 

Review in The Hans Daily: "Reconstructing one's own world".

Synopsis of Humeirah

“Why did thoughts that bother her not bother others? Why was she not happy with the things that made other women happy? Why couldn’t she fit in?”

These questions are the barriers in Humeirah’s labyrinth of life: they make her feel uneasy about existence. This story recounts the life of a woman who seeks more than gender emancipation; more than release from a suffocating marriage; more than freedom from a tight cluster of people who don’t understand her. 

Humeirah’s search for meaning – for the truth – keeps haunting her. She spends “most of her time... thinking, reading, then destroying and re-constructing the ideas and beliefs she holds on to.”

Masters thesis on Humeirah by Iveta Mlejnská, Masaryk University

The Teacher and The Taught

Short Stories on Mauritian and Malaysian Education

Forthcoming 2017

Publisher: GerakBudaya